Lace Programme


Exhibitions of the 38th Idrija Lace Festival


Exhibition schedule during the Festival:

14–16 June: 9 AM–6 PM.

14 June: 7 PM–9 PM free entrance to all exhibitions

* free entrance

** entrance fee



THREADS OF ART – The central exhibition of artworks featuring lace created in collaboration between the Idrija Lace School students and various artists, as well as the Idrija Municipal Museum**

Idrija Municipal Museum, Gewerkenegg Castle, Nikolaj Pirnat Gallery, Prelovčeva 9


Exhibition opening: 14 June at 6 PM

17 June–1 September every day 9 AM–6 PM


The Threads of Art exhibition features eight artworks created in collaboration between Idrija Lace School students and established artists living in towns that offer lace-making classes. Nande Rupnik, Danilo Jereb, Silva Karim, Svetozar Živković and Lea Lampe Živković, Breda Čuk, Mateja Ocepek, Cerkno Art Section, David and Polona Ličen were happy to receive the invitation of the Idrija Lace School students and to join them in conceiving, designing and creating artworks that reflect the magical world of intertwined threads, colours, shapes, dimensions and materials. As a medium in various art fields and different techniques, Idrija lace is telling the tale of collaboration and challenges, as well as learning new things in creative ways.


Text by: Meta Gregorač, Idrija Lace School

Threads of Art. Authors: Polona and David Ličen, Idrija Lace School students, Vipava department. Photo by: M. Gregorač.


St Barbara Gallery, Mestni trg 14**

Exhibition opening: 14 June at 7 PM

This year, the focus of the Idrija Lacemaker Association exhibition will be on gatherings. People come together in various ways and on various occasions. How broad is the spectre of our daily gatherings, yet, due to our packed schedules and our hurrying, we go through them as a matter of routine, indifferently. We meet at home, in the family, in the neighbourhood, on the street, at work, in school. Our gatherings are restraint by the rules of etiquette, they have become habitual and all too often merely superficial. They seldom reach past polite phrases, routine smiles, and weak handshakes. Gatherings at the table are one of the most frequent gatherings among people. However, it is perhaps this occasion that is nowadays most depreciated and robbed of the beauty of moments that are intrinsic to real gatherings. The exhibited arrangements attempt to invite the visitor into the rich world of gatherings at the table in every season and on every festive occasion that is a part of or life. Every table has a different “story”, but they are all enriched through the language of Idrija lace. May the artfully intertwined threads, the beauty of the patterns, and the love with which these laces were created be an inspiration for our gatherings at the table. Let us take time for the beauty hidden in everyday and in festive gatherings at the table, and let us enrich them with love.


Text by: Ar. Anica Kovačič, Idrija Lacemaker Association

Pattern author: Irma Pervanja. Lace authors: Idrija Lacemaker Association members, Idrija department.

“SEE WHAT I CAN DO!” 2019 – the annual exhibition of Idrija lace produced by Idrija Lace School students**

Idrija Lace School, Prelovčeva 2.

17 June–1 September: work days and Saturday: 9 AM–3 PM, Wednesday 9 AM–7 PM. Sundays and public holidays closed.

“See what I can do!” is the annual exhibition of Idrija lace produced by Idrija Lace School students. Every year in June, we exhibit several laces finished in the respective school year. The children and youngsters who spent a good part of their free time and invested themselves in these creations are the key players in conserving this technique listed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

For the fourteenth year in a row, the Idrija Lace Festival offers its visitors the possibility to vote for the most beautiful lace of their choice. The voting will take place from 14 June to 16 June until 2 PM. The results will be known at 3 PM: the winning student and a drawn voter will receive a prize.


Text by: Metka Fortuna, Idrija Lace School

Pattern author: no data, Idrija Lace School archive. Lace author: Ines Čuk, Idrija Lace School student. Photo by: Robert Zabukovec.


Idrija Municipal Museum, Gewerkenegg Castle, Small gallery

17 June–1 September, every day 9 AM–6 PM

Urška Pirc, BA Textile Design, is an Idrija native who has been living with lace ever since she was a child, learning the skill of lacemaking from her grandmother Marija and her neighbour Mira. Her creations could be admired at: Miss Idrija Lace (2005), Creativity in lace (2007), Idrija Lace Fashion Spectacle (2011) etc. The retrospective exhibition is divided into the following parts: fashion, underwear, and urban printed clothing. They are all marked by Idrija lace: sometimes humble and gentle as a breath, sometimes strong and colourful, then again youthful and playful, but always carrying the energy of its designer. Adding lace to her textile, Urška Pirc enriches them with experiences, paints feelings, dreams dreams. To create (with) Idrija lace namely also means to live (with) Idrija lace.


Text: Mirjam Gnezda Bogataj, MPhil, Idrija Municipal Museum

The Parrot Collection, Urša Pirc’s archive. Photo by: R. Zabukovec, 2007.

THERE’S A LACEMAKER I KNOW, HER LACE IS AS WHITE AS SNOW… – the Idrija Cinnabar Art Association exhibition

“PRI GOLITU” gallery, Mestni trg 16*

17–22 June: 4 PM–7 PM.

The Idrija wives and girls, alone or in groups, bending over their pillows, nimbly juggling with their bobbins, and creating the gorgeous Idrija lace are the motifs that have long since started to grab the attention of artists. Each in their own way, they wished to memorise and pay tribute to Idrija lace, these intricate masterpieces made by our mothers, wives and daughters whose decades-long skill, dedication and sacrifice went hand in hand with the work of their husbands, usually miners, to make an important contribution to their families’ well-being, culture and reputation. This has not changed. The chosen artworks for this year’s Festival exhibition wish to emphasise our perception, respect and enthusiasm for the invaluable Idrija lace, as well as the diligent women whose knowledge, love and patience have been helping them create these works of art for so long.


Text: Nande Rupnik, the Idrija Cinnabar Art Association

Vera Kostanjšek: Lacemaker, acrylic paint on canvas


Magazin underpass, Ulica sv. Barbare 4-5


This year we will see a flight of black-and-white swallows fly on the wings of imagination into the world. They are nesting in the former grain opening in the ceiling of the Magazin underpass that has been a “heavenly” gallery for contemporary Idrija lace since 2018. Designed by Mateja Holjevac, a student of textile design under the mentorship of Prof. Marija Jenko, the original drawings were transformed into lace with the knowledge of lacemakers Mira Guzelj, Milena Kalan Frančeškin, Marija N. Boškovič, Vera Kostanjšek, Anica Uršič, Marta Logar, Anica Loverčič, Valerija Krivec, Marica Kosmač and Albina Štucin; members of the Idrija Lacemaker Association.


Text by: Prof. Marija Jenko, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Ljubljana

Pattern author: Mateja Holjevac. Lace author: Marija Kosmač.


Church of the Holy Trinity, Idrija


For the 50th anniversary of the consecration of the St Joseph the Worker Parish, the church of the Holy Trinity will host an exhibition of chasubles designed by students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology under the mentorship of their professors and colleagues. At the invitation of the Architecture Centre of Slovenia, which has been explaining and including the works of Slovenian architects and artists into everyday life for several years now, the students also embellished their designs with Idrija lace, masterfully done by the members of the Idrija Lacemaker Association. The display is a joint effort of Idrija and Radovljica municipalities striving to preserve and enrich Slovenian cultural heritage.


Text by: Prof. Marija Jenko, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Ljubljana


Photo: Vurnik’s House Archive, Radovljica.

Photo source:


Author: Karmen Hočevar.

INFLORESCENCE – selling exhibition of unique silver jewellery combined with Idrija lace7*

Studio Koder, Idrija lace selling gallery, Mestni trg 16, Idrija


The Inflorescence collection is a joint effort of Tina Koder Grajzar, designer of original Idrija lace, and Biljana Klekačkoska, Macedonian designer of contemporary silver jewellery. Under the Zaplet trade mark, they created a successful Goddess and Dragon project exhibited in AteljeGalerija in Ljubljana and in the Skopje National Gallery in 2015, and are now coming to Idrija to exhibit a new jewellery collection combining the delicacy of silver with the tenderness of Idrija lace.


Text by: Tina Koder Grajzar, independent cultural worker

The “Inflorescence” earring. Photo by: Biljana Klekačkoska.

20TH ANNIVERSARY BOUQUET – theMarjetica Cerkno Lacemaker Association lace exhibition*

Idrija Retirement Home, Arkova ulica 4


Due to their bountiful colours, enticing scents and special shapes, flowers wake positive feeling in us. A bouquet is a beautiful gift for any occasion and this year, the Marjetica Cerkno Lacemaker Association is offering us one for their 20th anniversary. It is quite a special one, mind you, incorporating patterns by several authors, diverse in its flowery motifs, rich in lacemaking techniques and elements, made with knowledge and heart, and bound together under the careful guidance of the mentor.


Text by: Mirjam Gnezda Bogataj, MPhil, Idrija Municipal Museum

Lace author: Marija Obid Dolenc. Lace pattern: Irma Pervanja. Photo by: Stana Frelih.

National competition in lacemaking for the Ivanka Ferjančič Award


16 June:

11 AM: parade of Idrija Miners’ Brass Band and the competitors from the Idrija Lace School.

11.30 AM–12.30 PM: competition on the Trg sv. Ahaca.

On Festival Sunday, a large part of Idrija “Old Square” is filled with several generations of lacemakers who put in their best effort and hope for a good result. Their skilful and nimble fingers are racing to produce the most regular and beautiful lace in the designated time period.

The competitors in children’s disciplines qualified for the national level on the basis of their results in selective school competitions.

Adult lacemakers are kindly invited to participate in the competition, showing their skills in making narrow tape lace or in making halfstitch and clothstitch with holes.

More information about registration: Idrija Lace School, telephone: +386 (0)5 37 34 570 or e-mail:


Text by: Metka Fortuna, Idrija Lace School

A scene from the national lacemaking competition. Photo by: Samo Trebižan.

A part of me – adult lacemaking workshop

Idrija Lace School, Prelovčeva 2.

15 June: 9 AM–1 PM.

Idrija Lace Festival visitors are kindly invited to enter the classroom and observe the lacemakers while they make Idrija lace that will take on a life of a fashion accessory. Enriched with love, the lace will perhaps embellish the lacemaker her- or himself, or will be given to a loved one for a special occasion.


Previous registration is mandatory.

Registration and additional information in the Idrija Lace School, tel. +386 (0)5 37 34 570 or Registration until full capacity is reached but no later than 13 June 2019.


Text by: Metka Fortuna, Idrija Lace School

Idrija lace making. Idrija Lace School Archive. Photo by: Jani Peternelj.

Idrija narrow tape lace, a technique of Idrija lace – lecture and presentation of an international competition’s call for applications

Idrija Lace Centre, Prelovčeva 2

15 June at 3 PM.

Mirjam Gnezda Bogataj, MPhil, Idrija Municipal Museum expert, and Stana Frelih, lacemaking teacher in the Idrija Lace School, will give a lecture on the Idrija narrow tape lace technique which is the most recognisable of the Idrija lace techniques. The lecture will shed light on the development of Idrija narrow tape lace and present the creators of the patterns as well as the varied possibilities of applying numerous patterns in making lace following this technique.

This opportunity will also reveal the call for applications for an international bobbin lace competition that is again being held by the Idrija Lace Festival after a ten-year break.


Text by: Metka Fortuna, Idrija Lace School, and Mirjam Gnezda Bogataj, MPhil, Idrija Municipal Museum

Pattern and photo author: Maja Svetlik, Idrija Lace School, based on the photo by Eva Petrič. Lace author: Valerija Pavšič.

​Award ceremony for students who have completed their formation at the Idrija Lace School
“And the most beautiful lace is…” announcement of the most beautiful lace as voted for by the visitors of the “See what I can do!” 2019 exhibition

Award ceremony for the “Idrija Lace” certificates

Announcement of the best lacemakers in the national competition in lacemaking for the Ivanka Ferjančič Award

Trg sv. Ahaca

16 June at 3 PM.


Original with Idrija bobbin-lace

Exhibition of photographs and creations

Kendov dvorec, Sp. Idrija


8 June – 30 June 2019


Exhibition of photographs and creations.

Regardless of the age, Idrija bobbin-lace can add a touch of tenderness and femininity to one’s clothes.


Creations and fashion accessories created at the Idrija Bobbin-Lace School, designed by Maja Svetlik and made by several lace-makers, caught into the photographic lens of Robert Zabukovec.



IDRIJA LACE, A HISTORY WRITTEN IN THREAD - Permanent Exhibition at the Idrija Municipal Museum

Idrija Municipal Museum, Gewerkenegg Castle, Prelovčeva 9

Every day from 9 AM–6 PM

Idrija is a well-known lace-making centre, both at home and abroad. At the exhibition, we are following the story of handmade Idrija lace together with the stories of its makers – the lace-makers who were selling the lace for centuries to improve the budgets of the miners’ families. In the past, the Idrija quick silver travelled to the world and so did the Idrija lace. Only a few pieces of the lace have remained at home. The most beautiful ones have been collected at the exhibition to take us from the past to the present, when the Idrija lace is getting an important place in the fashion shows of renowned Slovenian fashion designers.

A special place is dedicated to the tablecloth for twelve people made for Jovanka Broz by Idria’s 20 most skilled lace-makers which is one of the biggest protocol gifts made of lace. It is the largest preserved lace product from the 1970s.


Text by: Mirjam Gnezda Bogataj, MPhil, Idrija Municipal Museum

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