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The Idrija breakfast

The Idrija breakfast
The Idrija breakfast
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25,00 €
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TASTE the Idrija breakfast

Select tastes of Idrija combined in a delicious meal for an excellent start of your day.


Treat yourself to an IDRIJA BREAKFAST consisting of delicacies created by nature and the people of Idrija. Delicious dairy and meat products, honey, and tea are following the spirit of tradition and local know-how. The Idrija Selected certificate ensures that these select delicacies are of high quality and locally sourced. Idrija Breakfast for 2 consists of: fruit and plain yoghurt, cheese, minced lard, zašink (dried pork neck), pressed bacon, herbal tea, honey, butter, bread, seasonal fruit.

TIP: The Idrija Breakfast can be a perfect present for your family or friends. And why not turn it into a road snack to accompany your exploration of Idrija or its surroundings!

ORDER: https://www.visit-idrija.si/en/plan-your-stay/packages/73/taste-the-idrija-breakfast/

You must order Idrija Breakfast at least a day in advance, by 10 AM a day before pick-up at tic@visit-idrija.si or tel. +386 (0)5 37 43 916

PICK-UP: You can pick up your Idrija Breakfast with an invoice at the selected grocery store: KGZ Idrija, KGZ Spodnja Idrija or KGZ Črni Vrh nad Idrijo during their opening hours. Pick-up on Sundays and public holidays is not available!

If you need help when ordering, you can find us at tic@visit-idrija.si or +386 (0)5 37 43 916.


The IDRIJA SELECTED certificate of excellence is awarded to products and services that meet high standards of quality, include locally produced raw materials and tell the story of tradition, culture and the lifestyle of the people living in the Idrija UNESCO Global Geopark.

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