2019 Opening Ceremony
The formal opening ceremony of the 38th Idrija Lace Festival 
Concert by the Marko Hatlkak Band, with special guest Vlatko Stefanovski

At 9.30 PM, Mestni trg
*In case of bad weather, the ceremony will be moved to the Blue Hall.


The formal opening ceremony of the 38th Idrija Lace Festival will take place at Mestni trg (the Town Square). In the event of bad weather, it will take place in Modra dvorana (the Blue Hall).
Honorary speakers:
The honorary speaker and guest of the Festival will be the Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Eva Štravs Podlogar.  
The Mayor of the Municipality of Idrija, Tomaž Vencelj
The Representative of the Diamond Sponsor
This year, the Festival flag will be raised by Mrs Jožica Komloši, accompanied by two pupils from the Idrija Lace School, Lana Mohorič and Nina Vončina, as well as the members of the Association of Idrija Lace-makers and miners/ members of the GDRI (Idrija Miners Music Society).
After the raising of the Festival flag, the first night of the Festival will begin with a concert by the Marko Hatlkak Band and the renowned North Macedonian guitarist, Vlatko Stefanovski. 


Marko Hatlak, a Slovenian accordion player from Idrija, began his musical journey at the age of six in the local music school. After graduating from the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet, he continued his studies in Germany – first in Weimar, and later in Würzburg, where he finished his postgraduate studies under the renowned professor, Stefan Hussong. He built his unique and recognisable approach in the 15 years of active performing as a solo artist, and in cooperation with numerous renowned performers, bands, and orchestras and their conductors, on stages at home and abroad. He introduces the various genres – tango, ethno, baroque, and contemporary – to his listeners through music and story-telling, forming a genuine bond with the audience. 
In his new project, the Marko Hatlak BAND, Marko Hatlak explores funk, pop, and Latino music. He transforms the inspiration he draws from Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, Michael Camilo, Prince, and the soft ballads of rock giants into energetic, entertaining, rhythmic, and youthful dance music. Since the very beginnings of his career, the accordionist Marko Hatlak has loved to explore various music genres – from classical and contemporary music to tango and ethno – and is now further broadening his range. In the Marko Hatlak BAND project, he is taking on a new performing role as an accordionist and vocalist, as well as writer of most of the songs. The music is made to be played by an ensemble, is technical and distinctively rhythmic. Marko Hatlak assembled top Slovenian musicians, who can inspire him with their work, virtuosity, their respective creative fields, and their positive energy. The chemistry between the performers on the stage is evident in the excellent covers of famous songs by their idols, with a special emphasis on Hatlak’s own compositions, and the resulting musical dialogue between the band members is humorous and playful. The band, led by Marko Hatlak, successfully combines the opposing poles of musical energy – sophistication and explosiveness – into a relaxed club atmosphere and entertaining evening vibe, where music bursts with power.

Vlatko Stefanovski (1957) started playing the guitar at the age of 13, and formed the group Leb i sol in his late teens. Today, the band is considered one of the most important musical ensembles of former Yugoslavia. They have released 14 albums and have toured all around the world.  Stefanovski, who is renowned for his unique technique and characteristic tones, became a very successful solo artist in the mid-nineties. As a soloist, he performed with numerous renowned symphony orchestras and big bands. In 2007, he was awarded an honorary doctorate (in the area of art) from the Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje.



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