The General Terms and Conditions of online shop operation, the rights of the buyer and the business relationship between the buyer and the seller or the operator of the online shop. 


Seller or provider/operator of the online shop

Zavod za turizem Idrija (Idrija Tourism Board)
Mestni trg 2, 5280 Idrija, Slovenia

Basic information:

Registration number: 3805999000
VAT ID: 51208296
TRR: SI56-0110-0600-8338-240, opened with the Bank of Slovenia
VAT taxable: DA



Information and support


Prelovčeva 5, 5280 Idrija, Slovenia 

Telephone: +386 (0)5 37 43 916

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Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

By using the website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions, so please read them.

Change to the Terms and Conditions

Idrija Tourism Board reserves the right to change these general terms and conditions in the online shop without prior notice.

Changes to other information on the website

The Provider may also change any other information on the Website without prior notice.

The General Terms and Conditions are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

The General Terms and Conditions of the online shop of Idrija Tourism Board are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No.98/2004-UPB2, 126/2007 and 86/2009), on the basis of the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the international codes for electronic commerce.

Further clarifications, information and assistance

For further clarification on the general terms and conditions of the online shop, for additional general information or assistance with ordering online, for details on delivery or for information on the return of goods, you can contact us in writing during office hours by email, by telephone or by appointment in person at the TIC Idrija. Contact information is provided in these General Terms and Conditions.


Accessibility of information

Via its website and online shop Idrija Tourism Board (hereinafter referred to only as the provider/supplier) offers products and food from local suppliers and tourist experience services The General Terms and Conditions apply to all services and products and bind the consumer or customer.

The Supplier undertakes to provide the following information to the Buyer at all times:

  • the identity of the company (name and registered office, registration number),
  • contact details that allow the user to communicate quickly and efficiently (email, phone),
  • deliverability of products (products or services offered on the website are deliverable within a clearly indicated timeframe),
  • the terms of delivery of the product or service (method, place and time of delivery),
  • payment method,
  • it will set out the prices of products and services in a clear, visible and unambiguous manner, indicating whether the prices already include taxes and any other costs,
  • the time validity of the offer,
  • the period within which it is still possible to withdraw from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal, as well as the cost of returning the product or cancelling the service,
  • an explanation of the complaints procedure, including full details of the contact person to whom the consumer can address their complaint.


Packaging and delivery costs

Packaging and delivery cost is € 4.00.

Please note that these terms and conditions and the packaging and delivery charges apply only within the Republic of Slovenia.

For deliveries to other countries, delivery charges will apply according to the delivery company’s price list. The buyer is also liable for any duty costs in countries outside Slovenia.


Order, purchase, order confirmation

To place an order, select the product or service and add it to your basket by clicking on the “Add to basket” button. You will be taken to a page summarising the contents of your basket. If you agree with the contents of your basket, you can proceed with your purchase by clicking on the “Next to payment method” button. On this page, you enter the required information in the fields. In order to proceed with the purchase, you must confirm that you have read and agree to the following Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions on this page.

We offer several ways to purchase and book products and services on our website.

Through an enquiry form, whereby the user submits an enquiry to us and we submit an offer. This method is not yet considered as a confirmed reservation or purchase of products. If we do not receive confirmation and payment, the reservation will be deemed not to have been booked or made.

Direct bookingand online payment. In this case, the booking will be confirmed as soon as the buyer finalises the payment process or we receive the advance payment in our transaction account.

Choose your preferred payment method at completing your purchase in the online basket:

  • payment by debit and credit card (via UJP)
  • direct bank transaction – you make the payment to our bank account (enter the order ID as a reference). Your order will not be dispatched until we have received a credit to our bank account.

Each time an enquiry is made and an order is placed online, the user or customer is deemed to have read the Privacy Policy and these the General Terms and Conditions and that he/she agrees to them.



Prices for products and services are quoted in euros (€) and are valid on the day of purchase. Prices do not include delivery charges.

Once the buyer confirms the order in the online shop, the prices published at the time of the order will apply. Prices are duly marked in the online shop and apply equally to all customers. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

Should the price change due to an error during the processing of the online order, or should the stock of the product ordered be depleted in the meantime, the customer will be informed in writing by e-mail and offered the possibility to withdraw from the contract or to exchange it for another comparable product or service offered by the provider.


Right of withdrawal and return of goods ordered are

in accordance with the provisions of Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No.98/2004, 126/2007), the buyer has the right to notify the seller within 14 days of taking delivery of the goods that he/she is withdrawing from the contract, without being required to give a reason for his/her decision. The period for the right of withdrawal starts on the day of receipt of the goods.
The consumer shall notify the withdrawal from the contract to the seller’s e-mail address or to the head office of Idrija Tourism Board,  Mestni trg 2, 5280 Idrija. A copy of the invoice must be attached to the returned goods. The only cost to be borne by the buyer in connection with withdrawal from the contract is the cost of returning the goods.

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the consumer shall return the received product by post to the provider’s address. The Provider is not obliged to accept ransom consignments or consignments that do not comply with the Provider’s General Terms and Conditions.

The Buyer must return the product to the Supplier undamaged, in its original packaging and in the same quantity, unless the product is destroyed, damaged, lost or reduced in quantity for reasons that are not the Buyer’s fault.

The Buyer may not use the Products unhindered until the Contract is cancelled. The Buyer may inspect and test the Products to the extent strictly necessary to establish the factual situation. In the event of use beyond the test of the product, the Supplier has the right to claim a reduction in the value of the product from the Buyer. The buyer returns the goods by post, bearing the shipping costs.

The refund will be made as soon as possible, but at the latest within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice and once the returned product has been received by the provider. Therefore, the provider reserves the right to withhold payment during the period from the receipt of the cancellation notice until the return of the product. In order to ensure the certainty, accuracy and timeliness of the refund and to provide a record of payments, the refund of the payment to the Buyer shall be made by credit transfer in the same way as the payment was made (to the TRR of the Buyer’s payment card).

The return of the goods received to the Supplier within the withdrawal period shall be deemed to be a communication of withdrawal from the contract.

The buyer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract if the product is tailored to the buyer’s personal needs or made according to the buyer’s precise instructions.

The buyer also has no right to withdraw from the contract if the very nature of the product makes it unsuitable for return (products with a very short shelf life, perishable foodstuffs, products that have already passed their expiry date), and in the case of the supply of newspapers, magazines, periodicals, gambling, and in other cases provided for in the Consumer Protection Act.


Substantive error

The Buyer may exercise his rights under the material defect if he notifies the Supplier of the defect within two months of the date on which the defect was discovered.

The buyer must describe the defect in more detail in the defect notification and give the supplier the opportunity to inspect the item.

The buyer can either notify the supplier of the defect in person, with a receipt from the supplier, or send it to the shop where the item was bought or to the supplier’s agent with whom the buyer has concluded the contract.

The supplier is not liable for material defects in the goods which become apparent after two years have elapsed since the goods were delivered.
A defect in the item is deemed to have existed at the time of delivery if it occurs within six months of delivery. The consumer’s rights are extinguished at the end of two years from the date on which the consumer notifies the seller of the material defect.


Technical means to identify and correct errors before awarding a contract

Before the Buyer places an order, the Buyer will be presented with a preview of the order, which will allow the Buyer to check the information that the Buyer has filled in for the purpose of placing the order.

In the event of an incorrect entry, the customer can correct the error in the basket by clicking the arrow to go back to the previous page of the purchase.

If you do not wish to place an order, you can leave the page before placing the order to abort the order placement and confirmation.


Communication via advertising messages

The supplier will contact the buyer by electronic means of distance communication unless the buyer expressly objects.

The promotional emails will contain the following:

  • the sender will be clearly visible,
  • messages will be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertising messages,
  • the various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will also be clearly and unambiguously identified,
  • the conditions for participation in them will be clearly defined,
  • the method of opting out of receiving advertising messages will be clearly presented (the user’s wish not to receive advertising messages will be strictly respected by the provider and the user will be able to unsubscribe from them immediately).


Code of Conduct

The provider has high internal standards for handling orders, returns and customer complaints, and tries to keep up to date with current consumer demands and legal regulations.

Pursuant to Article 7(6) of the Electronic Commerce Act (ECA), it declares that it is not a signatory to the Online Merchants Code of Conduct.


Complaints and disputes

The Seller complies with the applicable consumer protection legislation (ZVPot). The trader shall make every effort to comply with its obligation to set up an effective complaints handling system. The Seller will acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the Buyer within five (5) working days, inform the Buyer how long it will take to process the complaint and keep the Buyer informed of the progress of the complaint.

The contact person for complaints is the Online Shop Coordinator. The complaint procedure is confidential.

Idrija Tourism Board tries to resolve disputes out of court.
The Provider does not recognise any of the providers of the Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Service (IRPS). The link to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform can be found at this link .


Copyright protection

All content on the website, including images and videos, is protected by copyright under the Copyright Act and is the property of the provider.

The Provider authorises the use of image and video material for personal use on social networks and photo galleries only with the acknowledgement of the source of the material and only with the prior written permission of Idrija Tourism Board, which is the owner of the website .

If you would like to see any of the images and other material on the website, please email us at:



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