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Bobbin lace bracelet Emilija

Bobbin lace bracelet Emilija
Bobbin lace bracelet Emilija
Bobbin lace bracelet Emilija
Bobbin lace bracelet Emilija
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Bobbin lace bracelet Emilija

Idrija lace - a unique hand-made masterpiece, which has been created by diligent Idrija lacemakers for three centuries. It is the source of all kinds of ideas and creativity. Intertwining threads create countless bobbin lace and life stories.


Hand-made bobbin lace bracelet for special occasions in the spirit of tradition.

The pattern was custom drawn by Tina Koder Grajzar for the Idrija Tourist Board.

The lace was made by Milena Kalan Frančeškin.

It is made of cotton thread



Idrija Tourism Board manages the development, promotion and marketing of tourist offer in Idrija
region. Their tasks include the management and coordination of the UNESCO Global Geopark Idrija activities, and the collective trademark Idrija Selected. With local service providers and other organisations, they strive to develop attractive and quality products and services that are telling the stories of our land.


The IDRIJA SELECTED certificate of excellence is awarded to products and services that meet high standards of quality, include locally produced raw materials and tell the story of tradition, culture and the lifestyle of the people living in the Idrija UNESCO Global Geopark.

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